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greekliquid:Thank You CJ-Dimitris!!!Downloading them now!!!Na eise kala!!!! 
Mannix:Well Well Well Very impressive mixes you have put together there my friend...thank you very much for the direct link to them....I am looking forward to the ones yet to come....I went through your site a bit and I found it very informative......Thanks Again 
aSwtoS: Very nice stuff i can tell.I have a strong feeling this is not the end...Keep on mixing aderfe  
Minister_Of_Sound:Cj-Dimitris ----- GREAT JOB ! THANKS !
seaview:Katevasa to coffe shop.Para poli kalh douleia.Bravo.Oti kalytero gia Deytera prwi sth douleia.Epomeno to voices Thanks
Psychotronic420:Cj-Dimitris, those are some very impressive sets you have mixed. I esp love the coffee house and voices sets and I cant wait to experience the astral projection, in the proper setting if you know what I mean.Cheers 
pozitiv:shout outs to my greek neighbour u have a good mixes especially "Coffee Shop"!!!best house traxx!!!and i found in a store a mix from you which is called "another story" that mix i was bumping all day & all night in my private club!!!you`re n*1
Dippie123:Hi Cj-DimitrisT,Currently listening to your new tribal/progressive Rigor Mortis mix - Im very impressed - real, real nice and a great beat and a monster track selection. Thank U very much for sharing...LUV it! Load of regards Dippie123 (Dip!).
Dippie123:For those of you that haven't bothered to get these compilations, I can only say one thing - "To bad for you!!".
It's really worth getting - Great beats, superb mixing, excellent track selections - especially the deep, tribalistic progressive "Rigor Mortis" mix is really gonna get u go wild - it's a real 10/10.
So GO GET IT while u still can guys,Dip.
scrido:nice mix mate. ive just checked it out.all tha best 4 ur future
sui400:nice work man,many thanks
JOSEDRAGUNEZ:dimitri good work..........good luck 
HOTBIRDS:Dear CJ, downloaded 3 of your mixes yet.
Listened to:
Cj-Dimitris.T - Vip Room.mp3
Cj-Dimitris.T - Trance Mission.mp3
Cj - Dimitris. T - Trippin.mp3
My favourite is absolutely the Trance Mission, why? Because of the tracklist and the way you put them together...
TNX for sharing made me happy listning your work
Luciano:Yo Cj Dimitris..Im come from Japan and listen your Trance Mission too.Good work man.Good luck for you.
DJ XP:i love the Trance Mission mix thxx m8 all best..
NERO:Geia sou File
Tha ta eithela poli afta ta cd opote geinotan.....ta prota sou eitan fovera kai ta akouo kolises me to Atomixmp3 kai to metahirizome kai ego you make it seem so easy...excellent work .....looking forward to listening to your new work..
Anta Geia.....
many ThanX Cj - Dimitris
Psychotronic420:Both of these sets are great, I esp liked the Vip room
Cheers mate
SomeMother:Currently listening to the VIP room at the moment; verrrryyyyyy niiiiiice