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About me

informations about me:
Started to mix: in 1996 vinyls and cds/1998 Started cjing with virtualdj(old) virtual turn tables,pcdj from /1999 atomixmp3 /2003 atomixmp3 virtualdj traktor
Live gigs: a lot in Belgrade where i studied 6 1/2 years.Name of places?Sorry but i am not a moddest to name all of them.
Personal info:well,music is my passion.Its not my profession and i am not going to make money from this.Thats the reason why i dont sell my cds anymore and you can d/l free from internet.I believe good music must be given to the people free.
what is cjing?
Cjing is the shortcut of Computer Jockey.Its my expression to what i am...some people calls us software djs or portable djs.We are not djs.we are not the jockeys of the discs but of computers.
Is it easy?
well as in all facts its matter of training.If you understand what the program can do then you can make amazing stuffs
Why i stuck with Cjing?
Cause i belive that you can do amazing stuffs with the help of computer.Computer is the not the substitute of our work.
Am i playing somewhere live at the moment?
I don't know.As i said its not my job.Its my passion.I prefer to play in well organized parties with people that understands my music.So even if i play somewhere live you will never know:)
Mixed cds?
All that years i created lot lot lot of mixed cds.I saved in my computer 21 cds although.Creating cds with a mixing software its exactly the same with live stage.If you make a mistake you cannot go back and repair it cause i use only Live Mixing softwares.So actually what you hear is exactly what i can do to a live gig.
What kind of music?
Well i prefer progressive house and progressive trance.I like to mix also chill,deep,tribal and tech house.

Let the music take control